Common Elements & Usage

The property owner owns the interior of their townhome (the boundaries of which are described under the definition of “Unit” in the Declaration). Everything else is defined as Common Elements.

The portion that you own individually is yours to maintain and insure. The Common Elements are maintained and insured fully by you and all of your neighbours through the Corporation.

Generally speaking, common elements comprise of the areas from the outer walls of your townhome out. This includes areas such as the building foundations, the walls and roofs of the buildings, as well as the land, grass, trees, fences, and driveways of the property. The Common Elements are owned by the Corporation of which the property owner is a shareholder.These areas are maintained by property management on behalf of your condominium corporation.

Driveways, front and back entrance doors, windows, garage doors, and backyard areas between fences are all termed “Exclusive Use” areas for the particular townhouse, but they remain part of the Common Elements.


No changes, alterations or additions can be made to driveways, front and back entrance doors, windows, garage doors, backyard areas between fences windows, or any other part of the unit that is considered common element, without permission from the Corporation.