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Garbage & Recycling

To keep from detracting from the appearance of our community, rules have been put in place to ensure that garbage, recyclables, and bins are properly handled and stored.

General Rules

  • Garbage and recyclables are not to be stored in the open.
  • Household garbage and recyclables are not permitted to be stored anywhere at the front of the townhome, or where visible from the street.
  • Garbage and recyclables are not to be left out sooner than 7PM the night before the garbage pick-up.
  • Bins are not to be stored in front of townhomes.

Collection Schedule

  • Collection day at Stately Way is every Tuesday. Household garbage is collected by the City of Markham on alternating weeks while green bin recycleables are picked up every week.

If you have more questions, please contact Town of Markham Waste & Environmental Management at 905-415-7535 or visit the Town of Markham website for our Garbage Pickup Schedule (Stately Way is Area 6)

YCC#34 Stately Way

Other Information on Garbage & Recycling, Including Disposal of Appliances and Other Materials

Blue Box Recycling

Please visit the Town of Markham website for a complete list of acceptable & unacceptable materials, plus other Blue Box related information.

Appliances Disposal

To arrange for the collection of large appliances, such as stoves, fridges, freezers, washers, dryers and dishwashers, you MUST contact Town of Markham Waste & Environmental Management at 905-415-7535. There is a $10.00 fee.

For safety reasons, please ensure that all fridge and freezer doors are closed and properly secured or removed from your appliance before placing at the curb for collection.

Metal Disposal

To remove metal items such as bicycles, BBQ’s (with propane tanks removed), lawnmowers, metal bed frames, etc. (no car parts), please please contact Town of Markham Waste & Environmental Management at 905-415-7535 to arrange for free pick-up.

Alternately, you may bring your metal items to your local Recycling Depot. Visit the Town of Markham website for more information.

Yard Waste and Leaf Collection

Leaf and yard materials are collected every two weeks from April to November. For a listing of leaf and yard material collection dates in your area, see collection schedules. Yard material must be placed in craft bags, as required by the Town of Markham. Yard material placed in plastic bags will not be picked up.

Leaf and yard materials are banned from landfill and will not be collected as garbage.