Gardening Committee

The Gardening Committee, with your help, will be creating a community garden in the northwest corner of the condominium property (at the north end of the playground). We hope to get funding from government grants and supplies from local businesses, through our partnership with Seeds for Change (a not-for-profit organization) to help us grow!

Committee Members

  • Member Pat Campbell
  • Member Lynne Koss
  • Member Lili and Dennis Tin
  • Member Aaron Feldman
  • Member George Hickford
Children Gardening Committee

We encourage children & parents to participate in our gardening projects at Stately Way.

We’re looking for anyone who wants to volunteer and then enjoy the fruits of our combined labour:

  • If your children want to learn about where food comes from and how to garden
  • If you’d like to work alongside with your children sharing this experience
  • If you’re an avid gardener and like to garden with friends
  • If you’re a retiree and have some extra time
  • Or if you just love learning new skills to apply to your own garden and want to get to know your neighbours…

We want to hear from you!

Please use our form to contact us

Together, let’s get our hands dirty!